Azure Sphere – Unlock API

Basically, the user application is a dynamic object that only needs the name of the function from static library

and sysroot/2+Beta1905/usr/lib/

is a fake stub to the real static library sysroot../lib/

The „Hack“

  • Open folder Sysroots/2+Beta19xx/lib/
  • Rename to (don`t delete, backup)
  • Copy
  • Open folder …/2+Beta19xx/usr/lib/ and paste
  • Rename to (don`t delete, backup)
  • Rename to

And now you have ALL C functions (library musl)


Tested with sysroot 19.05 and can work with (all sysroots)

VStudio and VSCode

DEMO ( used wolfSSL ) MQTT to AmazonGoogle


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